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Canadian International School’s Curriculum reflects our commitment to the environment via our daily activities and discussions with our pre-schoolers and teachers. Every aspect of the Child’s experience at CIS, from classroom to circle time and play, reflects the child directed and teacher guided activities.

We simply incorporate it into all subject areas, from early literacy and early numeracy, to creative Expression; to ensure children are exposed to these unique ideas in a variety of forms. The curriculum incorporates science fair projects that are related to environmental issues. In addition, children will learn the importance of preserving our natural resources, protecting the world around us and helping our community.


In this program, toddlers will begin to vocalize their thoughts and feelings and will also begin to develop relationships with each other. Our staff will continue to encourage the toddlers to turn their ideas into words and phrases to better express; to practice the value of sharing and co-operating through group plan. Children at this stage will also begin to develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others.


Our pre-school kindergarten readiness is full of wonder and children spend their time observing and exploring the world around them, they love to play with words and language. Preschool children are moving into co-operative play, therefore the classroom centers are designed for small groups of children to interact and refine their social skills. Fostering foundational skills which allow pre-schoolers to expand their horizons and sell out information by exploring new territory in a supportive secure environment is our number one goal .Our teachers understand that these stars learn through repetition and provide a variety of hands-on learning activities that allow children to practice and master our curriculum goals.


Our pupils will be given home-works and projects; and we expect their parents to supervise their homework and give them assistance where necessary. Every child will be equipped to make a difference in the world after gaining knowledge in energy efficiency, recycling, gardening composting sustainable materials, transportation and indoor air quality matter.

To implement this one-of-a-kind curriculum, CIS focuses on the following seven learning areas and expectations.

To implement this one-of-a-kind curriculum, CIS focuses on the following seven learning areas and expectations.

  • Early literacy
  • Early numeracy
  • Citizenship and identity
  • Eco-friendly environment and community awareness
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Physical skills
  • Creative expression
  • Pupils study French in addition to these areas of learning in modern facilities which include features such as:
  • Computer labs
  • Montessori room
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Child sized tennis court
  • Cafeteria
  • Library


CIS employs M.ed, B.ed, Certified Montessorians, fully trained teachers in Jolly phonics and Grammar.


Our exiting early childhood dance program is a fun combination of creative ballet dance, music and art designed for pre-school and grade classes. Pupils benefit from our modern creative ballet dance based on learning program where they develop critical thinking and communication skills, which have a positive impact on reading, writing and language.



Teach swim lessons for pre-school and Grade Classes swimmers.
Make learning like play; let the children play to learn by swimming.
Use clues and buzzwords to teach the general idea of the skill viz the technical terms and details.
Use kinesthetic feedback.
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